The Chinese Masters


"When I went to China, led there by my desire of knowledge, I could finally meet Masters who are worth of such a  name, because they know modesty, generosity, and the importance of those values that prevent you from not keeping the given word, or behaving dishonestly, and make you person shine like a rare diamond, and your actions a silent example, always present for those around you who still can see."

Master Zhang Shenyi is the first master I acknowledged: our relationship is now as deep-rooted as amongst brothers. He is an exceptional man, always smiling and friendly, always in a good mood. His will and his internal power are really extraordinary. I cannot count the times he invited me to his house treating as a member of his family.
His style is simply marvellous, his explosive power (fa li) is someway incredible. He is member of the Chinese Martial Art Association and of the Chen Style Tai Ji Quan Association. In August 2007 he took part in a very important competition in Zhaozhuo (with many thousand of participants), and he came third in the categories of “Bare Hands Form” and “Sword” in the Chen style.

Master Yang Yu Bing was my first teacher of Sun style Tai Chi Chuan, he always treated me like a son, helping me in my needs and encouraging my practise. I have a great esteem of him and I love him like a father. My admiration for him has no limits: his technique  borders on perfection and he knows many styles of Nei Quan (internal boxing): the Tai Chi Yang, the Chen, the Sun, the Wu Quanyou’s Wu and the Pa Kua Zhang (Boxing of the eight trigraphs).Thanks to his nobility I could acknowledge the Grand Master Sun Young Tian, a person gifted of incredible kindness and humility, considering his position. I later became his disciple.Yang Yu Bing is vice chairman of the Beijing Sun’s Tai Ji Quan Research Society, he is also China Coach of Shaolin Warrior-Monks, and teacher of Dao Yin Yang Gong Chi Kung at the Sport University of Beijing.

Master Han Yi Gong  was introduced to me by my master of Chen style. When I met him I was carried away while watching him in action because I realized immediately that I had finally met a real master of the Yang style. His flowing and harmonious movements were so sublime and gentle that he looked like a water wave in its continuous flow. Nevertheless I realized very soon that his apparent lightness hid an incredible power, concealed in the relaxation.
While he is rather severe, he likes jokes and he has always a reply ready. I love him and I hope that one day he could be proud of having me as his disciple. He is teacher in the Beijing Zhiqiang Martial Arts Academy, vice director of the Yongnian Tai Ji Quan Academy, member of the 5th generation of the Tai Ji Quan Juan style, while he also  knows the Chen style and the Wu Yuxiang’s Wu style.