Master Passeri


Master Enrico Passeri, after a short two years’ experience with judo, began to study Chinese Kung Fu when he was sixteen. Four years later he approached Tai Chi in Italy for the first time, and it became his greatest passion. At the age of twenty-six, having realized that there was no way to learn in Italy the deepest aspects of that marvellous internal martial art, he decided to go to China to study in depth with traditional Chinese masters.

In Beijing he met great masters, who accepted him as an adopted son and who taught him the best, having noticed his diligence in the martial arts that had led him to study Chinese so that he could understand the lessons better. They promised each other that they would meet every year for a period more or less long. For three years the master Enrico Passeri went to China, every time for three-six months, so that he could improve constantly and gradually his own technique.

In 2006 master Enrico Passeri followed a long intensive course at the Beijing Sport University, and got a diploma in Tai Chi (Yang and Sun styles) and Dao Yin Yang Shen Gong Chi Kung. In August 2007 he left Beijing to reach Zhaozuo, in the Henan region, where he passed the exam of 5th Duan (Dan in Japanese)  of Tai Ji Quan at the Chinese Wushu Association, the most famous and important institution worldwide for the study and the spread of the Chinese martial arts in the world. In the same period he formally became disciple of the Grand Master Sun Yong Tian, the present leader of the Sun style in the world, and was nominated representative in Italy of the 4th Generation of Masters of Tai Chi  - Sun style. At the end of his last travel to China, he had the honour of being the only western pupil to be nominated, with another Chinese student,  disciple of the Master Zhang Shenyi, a real expert of the Chen style.

After a period of two years master Enrico Passeri goes back to China to improve further his skills as a Taiji master and stay there continuously until the end of the year 2013. Master Enrico Passeri lives in Rome, where he teaches Tai Chi Chuan in the Yang, Chen and Sun styles, both in group lessons and in private lessons. Having been studying Tang Lang (Mantis) and Wing Chun for many years, he can also teach these two effective external styles, together with Kung Fu and self-defence.